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Conference signups will be posted 3 weeks prior to conferences.
Each conference will be no longer 20 minutes. This will give you one on one time with your child’s teacher. If you need additional time, we can schedule another time.
The conference will be held during the day, during your teacher’s shift.
We will host one evening conference night for parents to sign up for.
Conferences are not mandatory but recommended.
If you choose not to do a 
parent-teacher conference, please fill out the ASQ and return it to the office or your child’s teacher by conference dates.
Go to https://www.asqoregon.com/ to fill out your ASQ free online.

November 11th-14th, 2019
Evening Conferences - November 14th, 2019 5pm-8pm
We will go over goals for your child and your child’s ASQ Evaluation.
April 13th-16th, 2020
Evening Conferences - April 16th, 2020 5pm-8pm.

We will talk about progress toward goals and make future goals
We will talk about progress toward goals and make future goals.