Sunshine Early Learning Center is committed to setting the highest ethical standards in Early Childhood Education and Childcare. As such, Sunshine Early Learning Center employees are mandatory reporters who are trained to identify and respond to any concerns related to child abuse/neglect. Also, families will be communicating with employees, during their duties, about sensitive information regarding medical history and relevant behavioral diagnoses. Due to this level of trust, Sunshine Early Learning Center employees are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the families they serve unless this interferes with their obligation as mandatory reporters. To protect this information, the primary forms of communication that will occur between employees and families are verbal conversations, email and Brightwheel messaging. All information that families share with employees of Sunshine Early Learning Center will be treated as confidential and only shared with other team members as needed.  Any breach of family confidentiality will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Any employee of Sunshine Early Learning Center is considered an early childhood educator and as such, is bound by the following code of ethics. All employees are required to provide the highest level of education and care to any family that they serve regardless of ability, sex, religion, and socio-economic status. The employees of Sunshine ELCC will, more than anything else, prioritize the safety and wellbeing of children in their care, this includes any moral and legal obligations that fall under the mandate of being a mandatory reporter. Any action by an employee of Sunshine Early Learning Center that threatens the well-being of the children or the families they serve will not be tolerated. Any verbal or physical actions that harm the well-being of the population served by Sunshine Early Learning Center will result in immediate termination. 

Ethics and Confidentiality Policy